About the Book

No Holds Barred

No Holding Back

No Holds Barred: No Holding Back” is a personal testimony. When I first sat down to write, I made two promises. The first was to be open and honest about who I was and what I did. For years, I felt as if I were wearing a mask: as if I was not genuine as a person, a parent, and as a pastor. The skeletons I buried resurfaced. Trust me, this promise was demanding, especially when you are forced to face the truth about who you are. Many times, I wanted to stop writing the book in its entirety or alter some scenes. But I couldn’t.

The second promise was to come to terms with the truth. Despite how hard I wanted to be the young man again, when everything was said and done, I came to this simple conclusion: “God cannot undo what has been done.” The battle to discern whether I was genuine, a genius, or someone who learned how to disguise his true nature came to rest.


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