About the Book

All Things Work Together for Good

“All Things Work Together for Good” was my first novel. Initially, it started on Facebook. I posted the first chapter. Jokingly, I made the comment, “here is the first chapter to my first novel.” Several people responded and challenged me to finish it. I followed through only to write nine other novels since then.

“All Things Work Together for Good,” is faith-based. While a fiction, it takes place during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Some of the stories written were truly based on personal testimonies.

When reading this work, I encourage you to pay attention to the symbolism shared. For instance, Julie encounters Jesus three times. The question begs to be asked, “What is so significant about the number three?” The answer is Biblical. Jesus questioned Peter three times regarding his love for the Lord. This is significant. Julie had to encounter Christ three times before she understood the concept of forgiveness.

Like 9/11, no one knows what to expect or when to expect it. Though it is a faith-based work, it also a drama, a love story, and a book for the reader to ponder. This work has several twists and turns. Yes, there are some surprises. The real shocker, though, comes at the end. For me to say anything from this point is to say everything.

I pray you enjoy this work. More importantly, I hope it honestly makes you think on how “All Things Work Together for Good.


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